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From lead to PTO, Enerflo has you covered. Simplify and centralize all of your business processes using Enerflo’s custom-configured software platform. Dividend contractors using Enerflo can easily design systems, create proposals, qualify homeowners, model payments, sign documents, close deals and manage their pipeline all in one place. Enerflo offers the most integrations of any platform in the space, so you can centralize all of your company’s operations while still utilizing the tools you know and love.

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About Dividend

Dividend is a leading FinTech point-of-sale lender to solar and home improvement contractors. In addition to our industry-leading suite of financial products, we have developed a comprehensive technology platform for our solar partners to streamline the financing process, manage project pipelines, and receive top-class support in every deal.

We currently operate nationwide through our network of solar and home improvement partners. Our platform enables homeowners to access financing through a seamless and hassle-free customer experience.

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